Neurons (red) in embryoid bodies formed from human
embryonic stem cells cultured in electrospun scaffolds

     The Kohn Lab was a leader in the field of combinatorial polymer biomaterials science and
drew on chemistry, materials science, biology and engineering studies to develop new biomaterials. Our research on computational materials design aimed to  optimize the development of biomaterials and prototype devices to fulfill the requirements of novel regenerative implants.

     Biomaterials are the backbone of the medical device industry, a critical element of health care. Advances in materials science have fueled breakthroughs in the design of artiļ¬cial body parts. With the advent of tissue engineering, biomedical engineers now attempt to restore tissue loss by using temporary implants that support the regeneration of injured tissue, followed by the safe biodegradation of the implant. For this concept to become a clinical reality, the medical device industry has to move from permanently implanted prostheses to the development of a wide range of safe and effective tissue scaffolds. These tissue scaffolds have to be based on  biocompatible and biodegradable materials and have mechanical properties that are similar to those of the surrounding tissues.

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